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Oct 23 2012

The Realities of a Border Classroom

The sluggish sun struggles to ascend as I enter my school building each morning.  As I approach the padlocked doors on the south side of the school, I see students wondering around aimlessly, looking for someone to reach out to them, for someone to care why they are at school hours before required time.  I…

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Aug 15 2012

I QUIT!!!!! …but…

A month ago today I was on my way down to the Rio Grande Valley from Houston, Texas following a rigorous and intensive crash course on how to teach students mathematics with passion, rigor, and vision.  I came to Texas with a lot of veal and confidence in my ability to have an impact on…

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Aug 06 2012

The Wonderful Outdoors

This is an analysis of a poem that I wrote when I was in the fifth grade with Ms. Sanders.  See what you think! The Wonderful Outdoors Wind stumbles through the trees Such a chilling breeze Sticks crack Twigs tap As snow falls silently “Wind stumbles through the trees.”  As someone reflects upon an epic…

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Aug 01 2012

The Nature, Pedagogy, and Scholarship of Mathematics

In most socially oriented activities, one of the first topics to surface in discussion is one’s profession.  When it is discovered that I have selected mathematics education, I continually receive a solemn stare of surprise, bewilderment, disgust, and empathy.  Individuals outside and within the profession of mathematics misconstrue the nature of mathematics, the pedagogy of…

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