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Aug 06 2012

The Wonderful Outdoors

This is an analysis of a poem that I wrote when I was in the fifth grade with Ms. Sanders.  See what you think!

The Wonderful Outdoors

Wind stumbles through the trees

Such a chilling breeze

Sticks crack

Twigs tap

As snow falls silently

“Wind stumbles through the trees.”  As someone reflects upon an epic journey, they slowly begin to understand what it is that makes them who they are.  Just as the wind starts, a person’s life starts, and just as the wind dies, a person’s life must end as well.  The wind starts and does not go about undisturbed or undeterred, much like that of a person’s life.  There are always those bumps and forks in the road that cause us to fall and stumble and become disoriented; one must forge through, hoping to soon achieve success.  As in the life of the wind, and every other person in the world, I have forged through the hardships facing me to become the young man I am today and I need to instill in my students the determination to be like the wind – unrelenting, passionate, and unpredictable.

“Such a chilling breeze.”  “Bad things happen to good people,” was a saying that my grandmother used quite frequently as I was growing up.  Just like the wind has colliding currents, human lives do not just travel forward without interfering with others.  As a person makes life decisions, not only does that person have to accept the consequences of his actions, but also every person that “his breeze” collides with.  Humanity must be able to deal with the reality of his own and other’s situations around him.  I have had these “collisions;” head-on, sideswipe, and any other kind of collision out there.  Being able to get myself through these situations, with the help of others, has helped to make me the person I am today.  It is this gritty and determined attitude that will be able to get out of the rut they have been stuck in for generations.

“Sticks crack.”  Dreams are the core of a person’s future.  A person’s hopes and dreams help them accomplish what it is that they would like to achieve.  Every person has had a dream shattered, but the saddest thing is that human beings have the power to shatter the dreams of other individuals.  Most people end up hating those who crush their dreams, it is this that has motivated me to become a servant leader, one who is determined to help others realize and pursue their dreams.  I hope to instill in my students this mindset of servant-hood, and also the understanding that when one door is closed, there will be another one open!

“Twigs Tap.”  Many people are “hard-headed.”  When they get their mind set on a goal, they strive forward until they achieve it.  Most of the time they hit anyone that gets in their way.  Hardheaded people are not the most well liked people, but there are those who are not as inconsiderate in their bullheadedness.  Some are capable of seeing beyond the surface of the goal and realize that in order to fully achieve their goal, it is not worth: losing a good friend, ruining a future relationship, halting progress towards your goal, leaving yourself with a feeling of incompletion afterwards, etc.  Those who realize this will be able to achieve much more in a lifetime and I hope to teach my students to avoid the “Bull in a China Shop” mentality and to think of the ways that their actions affect others, but more importantly be aware of how other individual’s actions affect them!

“As snow falls silently.”  Americans live their lives out carelessly and nonchalantly.  In all daily newspaper’s, printed within is a list of names.  What do these names mean?  Careless and indifferent Americans, go on with their lives, not caring about these valiant men and women that have helped to carry this great nation to the place it is today.  Every person wants to be remembered for something.  As life progresses we try harder and harder to do something that is just a bit nobler than our neighbor.  The only thing that really matters is that goals set for a lifetime are revisited, revised, accomplished, and completed.  These names in the daily paper are the individuals who have successfully lived their lives, realizing the true meaning of the “Wonderful Outdoors”.  I hope that I can instill in my students an understanding of the true importance of life and the value, frailty, and impressionable potential of each day.

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